Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"I am Dandy" in the New Year

I haven't posted in a while, which isn't to say I haven't been busy. Quite the opposite - with the book in its second printing already and talks for a follow-up as well as a video project, Rose and I have been working hard on our next steps as well as continuing our promotion of the book. Above is the book trailer Rose made featuring me reading from the book's introduction. The trailer was also mentioned on United Style.

Most importantly, there are a few upcoming book events:

On Saturday, February 22nd, Rose and I will be part of a presentation and book signing at Disneyworld as part of their "Dapper Day" celebrations.

On Wednesday, March 5, Rose and I are participating, along with Simon Doonan and Dr. Andre Churchwell, in a panel discussion at the Fashion Institute of Technology museum. G. Bruce Boyer will be moderating.

Here are a few highlights from the past couple of months.

I was very honored to be named "Dandy of the Year 2013" by Dandyism.net. The Tweedland blog picked up on the story here.

I was also very proud to be featured for a second time on The Style Blogger, wearing outfits inspired by the men in the book.

Rose has a wonderful post full of photos of our event at The National Arts Club.

Prowlster wrote a glowing review of the book.

3:AM Magazine has a very thoughtful in-depth article about dandyism in general and the book.

CNN.com asked me and Rose to put together a slideshow with commentary about the book.

Esquire Latin America featured an interview with me and Rose in their most recent issue, and put a small slideshow online.

CBP magazine reviewed the book.

Design Boom did a feature on the book.

As did Buro24/7 

The Fedora Lounge has a long thread devoted to the book.

The book is mentioned on The Journal of Style

VintageVille Magazine did a feature on the book.

StyleSight wrote about the exhibit of Rose's photographs at the National Arts Club.

Julija Hunt posted about the London launch party on her blog.

Foreign coverage:

Zeit Online had a slideshow of images from the book.

Germany's Dandy Club reviewed the book.

I-Ref featured the book.

MDR Figaro covered the book along with the German edition of Lord Whimsy's book.

FahrradJournal covered the book.

GLAM magazine did an article about the book.